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MobilTrain leverages technology to offer training services in healthcare, education, employability skills, on the job training and more.

They help reach audiences and segments who need to be trained but are often on the fringes of organisations or basic networks and investing huge amounts to improve performance is impractical.

MobilTrain makes a difference by creating and delivering content bringing demonstrable change with affordable entry level technology reaching the most remote locations. Customized training is imparted as mobile text or voice messages, through skype/email or onsite to suit client requirements. MobilTrain’s customized, on the go learning solutions deliver training inputs at the point of need at a highly affordable cost.


Why Choose MobilTrain

The company is the first to explore the concept of training over mobile in india.


MobilTrain Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd is the business of transformation using mobile technology.

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The company can create customized training solutions for clients across diverse industries and verticals.

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Comprehensive training offered for teachers and support staff based on specific requirements.

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