Incorporated in 2009, MobilTrain Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd is the business of transformation using mobile technology. The company is the first to explore the concept of training over mobile in india.

This unique training methodology is currently being used to impart traning to teachers, healthcare workers and patients, employable youth, rural and semi-urban mothers, shop floor workmen, hospitality industry professionals and can be extended to any environment where learning solutions need to be applied.

Methodology & Benefits

Since MobilTrain's training methodology is immensely flexible, the company can create customized training solutions for clients across diverse industries and verticals. Content is delivered as customized parcels/packets through Short Message Services(SMS) or rich media Multimedia Message Services(MMS/IVR). The content provided is easily accessible and affordable addressing the need of skills in both corporate and semi-urban/rural learning ecosystems.

Training is delivered one fact at a time via SMS/Voice Messages

Customised training messages crafted by experts, are sent as messages. Be it motivational messages for teachers or healthcare message for a patient or soft skill tip for an employee.. it's delivered one message at a time. This gives them time to assimilate and practice what is being told to them. It also give them time to gauge the results of this practice.

Feedback and motivation loops are built in

MobilTrain encourages all trainees to enter their observations. For Instance, if a teacher has been advised to break her routine and handle her class differently, she is asked to notice how children react. Or if a patient has been asked to alter his/her diet, they are asked to observe any changes they feel. These observations are recorded and then shared then MobilTrain. The feedback loops help MobilTrain to understand if they can persist with the current training track or alter it based on the trainee's observations. It also helps those undergoing training to understand the progress they are making every step of the way.

How it all began

Gayathri Sriram, MobilTrain's founder CEO, is an expert in education with two master's degrees in English and Education from the United State's and experience in teaching and learning in both public and private educational ecosystems. In india, she has been the managing director of a medium sized tire 1 auto component company, where she strategizes customer acquisition and management and the company services global clients. Her valuable experience with industry and education motivated her to envision MobilTrain Knowledge Serivces, a for profit educational service provider with an emphasis on mobile-enabled learning, which she runs with a group of experts in various fields includin education, development, healthcare and distance learning. MobilTrain's content in education and healthcare is curated by experts who have over a decade of experience in their respective fields.



Comprehensive training offered for teachers and support staff based on specific requirements. All contents is curated by experts.


Training offered to nurses and patients as the required. For instance daily diet tips for diabetics or hygiene messages for teenagers.

Key Areas
Continuous and Comprehensive Evalution CCE
Communication and spoken English
Time and classroom management
Pedagogy for both elementary and high school behaviour management
Decision making and team building
Leadership and school management
Neuro-Linquistic Programming(NIP)